Application Process


Applicants' Profile

There is no distinct profile or background for TIME candidates. Applicants from all academic backgrounds can apply for a post in TIME; not only graduates of departments of business or economics. In fact, our Admissions Team enjoys the privilege and experience of partnering closely with people whose goals are varied. From career switchers to students seeking to delve deeper in their field or industry, prospective graduates will find TIME MBE to be an integral part of their personal and professional development. 

However, since much of the TIME MBE curriculum requires quantitative skills, we encourage students to complete introductory courses in calculus and statistics prior to enrolling. TIME faculty who teach quantitative courses will assume you have mastered the basic material. 


In order to complete the online application form and be eligible for the TIME Program you need:

  • an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification (quality degrees from all disciplines will be considered)
  • the ability to work in multicultural teams (which requires proper use of the English language)
  • a proven academic ability, strong communication skills and an international outlook (reflected on your CV and essays)
  • a valid visa, in case you are not from either the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland (applying for a visa to study at TIME MBE is a straightforward process for both campuses)

Application Requirements

The online application involves:

  • A 500-word essay explaining your plans after graduating from TIME and outlining  how you expect TIME to contribute to these plans.
  • A two-page CV/resume
  • Names and contact details of two referees who can objectively assess and speak directly about your academic and professional promise.
  • Statement of your preferred campus (Crete or Cyprus) that you want to attend the course (note that you always have the option to switch among campuses between modules).
  • A transcript of grades from each university you have attended. Transcripts both in the original language and in English should be submitted. 
  • Proof of your ability to properly use the English language (i.e., TOEFL, IELTS, GS scores).

Optional Requirements

As an optional requirment, you need your official test taker copy of the Graduate Management Admissions Test GMAT score. (Note: you must ensure that your GMAT score is valid upon submitting your application). The GMAT score code for students who aim to apply for TIME is VDM-2C-05. Students that list this code in their GMAT application will have their GMAT score forwarded directly to TIME. 

An extra optional requirement is a 300-word essay that details any other information you believe that the Αdmissions Committee should know about. 

Apart from the above, you have the opportunity to provide additional explanations or clarification. If needed, use the Additional Information section in application form to briefly describe any extenuating circumstances (e.g. unexplained gaps in work experience, choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, etc.) (no word count).

English tests

As English is the language of instruction in TIME you have to prove your command of English. If English is not your mother tongue, proficiency in English can be demonstrated either through the IELTS, with a minimum score of 6 (preferably in all sections of the test), or through TOEFL with a minimum score of 230 for the certificate obtained through regular examination or 90 for the TOEFL iBT test administered via the Internet. Only score results that correspond to an examination during the last two years are considered valid. Exemptions may be granted if one of the following criteria is met:

  • your undergraduate or postgraduate degree was conducted entirely in English or in an English-speaking country (this applies for degrees of two years or longer). If you qualify for this exemption, you must provide the exact URL or documentation from your institution that states English was the only language of instruction.
  • you have lived or worked in an English-speaking country for at least two years since graduating from university.

In exceptional circumstances, the candidate can ask for her English skills to be tested verbally by TIME-MBE. 

To prevent processing delays, we strongly recommend that your upload your official score reports (if available) to the application.  Please note that your command of English will be continuously assessed during the admissions process. You can obtain detailed information about the TOEFL by visiting, or the IELTS by visiting

Applications will be accepted and considered even without the English test score, however acceptance will be conditional until you take the test and send us the results.

Academic transcripts

Please list all colleges, universities and study abroad programs you have attended or are currently attending. Please note:

  • All records must show your name, the name of the institution, enrollment dates, courses taken, units of credit, marks or ratings in each subject, and rank in the total class or group (if available).
  • If academic records and diplomas are not originally issued in English or Greek (which are the official languages of the 3 universities of the consortium), you must submit both the original record and an authorized, verbatim English translation.
  • Study abroad program transcripts are not required.
  • Transcripts from transfer programs are not required if grades are included on the transcript of the degree-granting institution.
  • Hard copies of official transcripts are only required upon matriculation.

In reviewing your transcripts, we take into account your choice of coursework, the rigor of your undergraduate major, the competitiveness of your academic institutions, and your grade point average. Here you can find more information on how to prepare and submit your transcripts.

GMAT scores

The GMAT score is an optional requirement for the TIME MBE program. You must report your score by the application deadline. We will record the highest valid score but encourage you to report additional scores received after submission of your application. However, there is no guarantee the new score will be evaluated when the Admissions Committee reviews your file. Please send subsequent test score reports to If you apply now for a GMAT score, the GMAT code for students who aim to apply for TIME is VDM-2C-05. Students that list this code in their GMAT application will have their GMAT score forwarded to TIME. Please note the following important facts:

  • There is no minimum GMAT score threshold. 
  • The GMAT is an optional criterion our admissions team considers and not the only indicator for success.
  • The total GMAT score is based on your performance on the Quantitative and Verbal sections only.
  • GMAT scores are valid for five years.
  • You must complete your application prior to the expiration date of your GMAT score. Only valid test scores will be considered.

You can obtain detailed information about the GMAT test by visiting

Letters of recommendation

You must submit two letters of recommendation through the online application. Please submit two letters from individuals who can objectively assess and speak directly about your academic background and professional promise.  Applications are not considered complete until all required information including recommendations are submitted. Additional letters of support are neither required nor encouraged. Letters of recommendation from co-workers, someone you have supervised, relatives, or personal and family friends are inappropriate and can be detrimental to the review of your application. Please do not submit more than two letters, and if you choose not to obtain a letter from your academic institution, be certain to explain why. Here you can find more information about letter of recommendation.

After submitting your application

Your application will be considered by the TIME Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee will either

  • Offer you a position on the TIME MBE.
  • Place you on a waiting list.  This is because the Admissions Committee is not yet in a position to make you an offer, and would like more information on your candidacy. 
  • Reject. In this occasion your application will come to an end for the academic year you applied for.  Note, however, that you still retain the option to apply in the subsequent admission cycle.

Please note that all offers are made via email and given the varying time zones this email may reach you outside of working hours.

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