Our Students


Academic Year 2016-17

Nikos Koukourakis

I am an economist with experience as store manager for Prenatal and Artsana. I am in the process of building on my managerial skills as to compliment my considerable experience in marketing and sales. For me business is not about ideas, it’s about turning ideas into reality.

Dimitris Maratos

I have a solid background in environmental engineering and four years of professional experience in one of the most prominent construction firms in Greece (AKTOR SA), where I actively participated in major public infrastructure projects. Being highly motivated and entrepreneurial as a person, my aim is to enhance my managerial skills to add value to any innovative project, either as part of a large venture or a promising startup endeavor.

Stella Mpati

I have a background in political science and a mindset for recognizing simple ideas with potential. Having won TIME-MBE’s 2016 Liri award on innovative ideas I am developing my managerial and entrepreneurial skills to add value to both nascent as well as established ventures.

Manos Trichas

Following a ten-year academic/research career in semiconductors and optoelectronics nano-engineering, I am currently enriching my technical background with strong managerial and entrepreneurial skills, paving my way towards the fascinating world of knowledge based ventures. My dream is to actively participate as an executive in the development of novel products & the creation of emerging markets, in the heart of “innovation promoting environments” like corporate organizations or startups.

Giorgos Varvitsiotis

Watch, listen, and learn. You can’t know it all yourself. Anyone who thinks they do is destined for mediocrity. Ambitious and strong analytical person, having background in economic studies, I am currently expanding my knowledge especially in entrepreneurship. It’s time to be on TIME. 


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