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Learning from the experience of others

Today's leaders must navigate business issues and interactions that cut across geographical boundaries and cultures. They must inspire conversations, ignite collaboration and integrate multiple perspectives to drive growth and innovation. Inspiration, first hand information, advice from accomplished individuals, are the ingredients, which constitute the flesh and bone of success, that are so often overlooked by management scholars. TIME MBE puts these ingredients front and centre, allowing you to fraternize with business leaders, practitioners, opinion makers and academic insiders through a set of lectures that deal with a range of issues such as:  

  • Global market issues: The challenges  firms face when competing in the global market and the contemporary issues surrounding world trade. It will help students develop a working knowledge of the economic drivers, challenges and opportunities present in the most important business regions in the world, including South-East Mediterranean and the Balkans. 
  • Entrepreneurial lessons: why some succeed where others constantly fail? Integrating business examples with the latest research insights, it will help students develop a cutting-edge, integrated perspective on entrepreneurship and gain strategic tools for managing risks in emerging and developed markets.

  • Innovation and commercialization: Bridging the gap between an invention and commercialization was never easy. This lecture aims to identify useful examples and practices. It will examine real-world issues, products and systems, focusing on understanding innovation strategy and management from the perspective of a senior corporate manager. 

  • Startup survival: There is no guide about how to survive the first few years as a startup. One can only learn from the ones who succeeded. Successful entrepreneurs will present their companies and business concepts while sharing personal experiences about the process of launching a startup.

  • Best product managerial practices: The Do’s and Don’ts, an expert’s perspective. Students will use frameworks, tools and direct experience to become effective technology product managers. Topics covered are relevant to both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs working within established technology companies.

Practitioners for the academic year 2017-18  

TIME strides to provide its students with an intimate understanding of the realities of the market arena through a set of lectures by leading practitioners. Trying to unravel the role of research and development for innovative ventures of all sizes, TIME has invited the following Time Excellence Lecturers who will explain to students their secrets of success and share with them their experience in managing multinational corporations and startup firms:

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