Internship in Netherlands


Testing your abilities abroad

In cooperation with the Business Economics Group of Wageningen University TIME-MBE offers a limited number of internships in the Netherlands or abroad. These internships are reserved for our best students and their number may vary from year to year. As students with non-EU passports may face working restriction and a lengthy period (up to four months) for the full approval of their documents it is best to inquire as to the availability and particulars of these internships well in advance.


During your internship you will have two supervisors. The Internship Supervisor (on behalf of the host organization or institution) will guide you on your work activities and give feedback on your performance. In addition, you will have a Wageningen University Supervisor with whom you should regularly discuss the progress in your work activities at the internship. 

Both supervisors should support you during the writing of your report on the tasks done during the internship period.

How to find and internship

There are two ways to find an internship: 

  • you can ask the contact person (see Wageningen Study Handbook) of a chair group of your interest whether they can provide you with some internship possibilities
  • you can find an internship project yourself and arrange approval by a chair group. In this case you have to find a chair group that is closely related to the subject of your internship.

In both cases, part of the learning process is that you organize all arrangements with the internship providing institute yourself. 


At the end of your summer internship you are required to submit two independent reports to your Internship Supervisor.

The first of the two outlines the tasks completed. In the introduction of this report you write the goals and framework of the internship project supported by a theoretical underpinning with literature. In addition, the report should contain a description of the methods used during the internship and if applicable the obtained data/used body of knowledge. Finally, the report should outline the results of your internship project, a conclusion and discussion.

In the second report you reflect upon the internship itself (i.e., organisation, company, etc.) and upon the personal learning outcomes you formulated in conversation with the internship supervisor. This report should describe your personal development during the internship and your goals for further development.


Upon completion of your internship you give a presentation about your internship at the host organisation with at least the Internship Supervisor present. Furthermore, after this presentation and the submission of the two reports you are required to write, you will have an oral examination with your Wageningen University Supervisor; possibly the Internship Supervisor is present as well. They will evaluate to what extent you mastered the subject of your internship and the quality of your reflection on the internship project. Your overall assessment, for which Wageningen University is responsible, will be based on the two reports, the oral examination and the internship presentation.


  • Find an internship 
  • Find a supervisor 
  • Together with your Wageningen University supervisor and internship supervisor, fill in the Wageningen University Internship Contract and Learning Agreement. 
  • Hand in the Wageningen University Internship Contract and Learning Agreement to: 
  1. the secretary of the supervising chair group  
  1. your internship supervisor 
  • If applicable fill in the internship contract of the host institution 


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