Education is an investment

Tuition fees are set at 10,000€. However, from the academic year 2017-2018, TIME announced a 40% partial scholarship that drops tuition fees down to 6,000€ for all successful applicants (all applicants are automatically considered for the scholarship). 

You can pay your tuition fee in a lump sum at the start of the academic year. Alternatively, you can pay in one, two or three instalments. The deadline for the first instalment (which should be no less than 2,000€) is the 31August 2017. The deadline for the second instalment is the last day of the 1st term prior to the Christmas holidays (2,000 or 4,000€). The deadline for the third instalment (2,000€) is the end of April before the Internship Program and the Entrepreneurship Summer Course start. 

Fees include registration, tuition, examination, graduation, and some study materials. Fees exclude books, residential accommodation, meals, and travel. 

Upon considering the cost of a graduate course, take into account the potential earnings stemming from summer internships as well as your future employment opportunities.

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