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23 October 2018

Application for entry in September 2018 has launched!

All successful applicants are granted a 4.000€ scholarship for the academic year 2018-19

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16 January 2018

TIME MBE Thesis presentation

"Patent Landscape of Immunoassays - Micro & NanoTechnologies: The Top Players"

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24 November 2017

2017 LIRI Award

Eyedo, a leader in field service management, sets this year’s LIRI award theme as well as the first prize: an internship with this innovative startup at its headquarter in Tel

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02 November 2017

TIME leads Greek/Chinese academic cooperation

Between University of Crete and the Zhengzhou University of China

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02 October 2017

Summer '17 TIME Internships

TIME students griped market realities

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16 September 2017


Develop a broad understanding of business organizations and explore your career possibilities

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11 June 2017

Best Universities in Europe, 2017

Times Higher Education World University Rankings list TIME’s partnering institutions in top places

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19 April 2017

TIME becomes a paperless programme

We are committed to reduce cost and minimize environmental impact

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09 March 2017

Why study in an MBE course?

Develop your skills and boost your career!

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06 March 2017

When you can't innovate, copy!

Copycat (kŏp′ē-kăt′): n. one that closely imitates or mimics another

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