14 June 2019

What career goals will TIME MBE help you achieve – PART 1

What career goals will TIME MBE help you achieve – PART 1

At TIME MBE we equip a new generation of business leaders with the skills required to find innovative solutions and create impact to benefit society.

TIME MBE is an intensive, one-year, full-time programme, that prepares recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds for a wide range of careers in management such as innovation managing, financial administration, project management and professional services.


A superior market-oriented curriculum

Our highly applied programme allows you to find solutions to real-world business challenges through lectures delivered by industry experts.
In the learning modules of our MBE program, acclaimed academic scholars will assist students to develop solution-oriented management skills, sharpen their entrepreneurial understanding and expand their leadership knowledge. After one year you will emerge a different person with a thorough understanding of your unique leadership qualities and potential.


Learning by doing​

TIME goes beyond the conventional lecture-oriented post-graduate degrees as it attaches particular attention to practical skills.
Students are encouraged to find an internship either in the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, the rest of the EU, or even abroad. The internship aspires to allow students to experience the institutional, entrepreneurial, and labour reality of a potential working environment. The internship provides you with the opportunity to work at a host organization, e.g., a company, public institution, consultancy firm, research organization, another university or non-governmental organization.

Through our ongoing relationships with major employers, TIME provides the opportunity to meet and network with leading global organisations and will help present yourself with confidence to the world’s top companies.


Are you ready to kick-start a career in business with TIME MBENext admissions round deadline to apply to join 2019-20 class is 31 July 2019.

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