21 November 2019

Webinar: Valentina Tartari, 26/11/19 @11:00 GMT

Webinar: Valentina Tartari, 26/11/19 @11:00 GMT

Please join us for a webinar on Tuesday the 26th of Nov. 2019 at 11:00 London time i.e. 12:00 Brussels time, 13:00 Athens time. The speaker is ValentinaTartari, Copenhagen Business School. The title of the talk is “The Demand for Science Funding".

The moderator will be Dr. Andreas Panagopoulos.

The program we use to deliver webinars is called FreeConference. It is a browser based program and it requires Google Chrome

To join us follow this link:

This webinar is free and open to all. To participate and for further information, please contact Dr. Andreas Panagopoulos at least a day prior to the seminar.

Abstract: In the current funding environment, academic scientists face choices between different external funding sources for their research projects. We explore scientists’ preferences between foundation funding and government funding. We consider dimensions related to the application and administration of grant funding. Our analysis centered on three elements: researchers’ prior grant experience; researchers’ perceptions of government and foundation funders; and an experiment in which respondents were asked to make choices between potential research sponsors. Respondents were randomly assigned to one of three scenarios, with different expected success rates. We provide evidence on the possible trade-offs perceived by scientists between different funding sources. These results suggest how researchers may respond to cutbacks in government funding.

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