25 March 2020

TIME-MBE makes Greta proud

TIME-MBE makes Greta proud

Global warming is not the future, it is the present. Our planet is our home. It is the home of our forefathers and our children. It has fostered us, providing a hospitable habitat for the human race to flourish. It is our duty to protect it for the future generations.

TIME-MBE is not only a paper-less program. As TIME-MBE was conceived as an environmental friendly program from the start, it conducts all of its academic research seminars and many of its TIME-Excellence lectures via online platforms. No air travel from faraway places like California or Australia to deliver a one hour seminar, no hotel costs, no taxis.

Plus, TIME-MBE runs an online hub in Heraclion city in Crete, allowing students who stay there to participate in lectures while avoiding unnecessary travel, minimizing TIME-MBEs environmental footprint. Though this saves money, allowing TIME to reduce its tuition fees to less than 10% of comparable programs, it also spearheads the new way of delivering quality educational content via online platforms.

The result: we have saved 44 tons of CO2 emissions during the last 4 years. This roughly amounts to the equivalent of a small forest of 160 fully grown trees. We are proud of what we have accomplished in the past four years, both in terms of affordable educational content and in combating global warming. Let’s all make Greta PROUD.

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