09 March 2017

TIME students get prime jobs

TIME students get prime jobs

TIME MBE is proud to announce that most of its students will be working with prominent startups like ProtAtOnce and CUP, as well as established innovative firms like Creta Farms. In all cases, our students will be working next to the managing director of these organizations, helping our innovative partners pursue their business strategy by incorporating the novel managerial and strategic elements that TIME MBE has incorporated into its curriculum.

The road to success was not easy. Our students had to undergo extensive interviews, receive coaching, and above all prove that they can survive the competitive market arena and navigate the complex and foggy business landscape. Congratulations guys and girls, you made us really proud.

This is only indicative as our graduates can obtain employment in a wide range of areas at home and abroad, including management consulting, the financial and banking sectors, private sector, public sector, research institutes, and the education sector. 

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