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29 November 2022

TIME Excellence Lecture 06-11-22

Margaret Kyle, CERNA, “TRIPS, Pharmaceutical Patents, and Generic Competition in India",

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19 May 2022

TIME-Excellence lecture, Harris Durrani, Princeton

Tuesday the 24th of May 2022 at 17:00 Athens time.

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11 May 2022

TIME MBE applications are open!

The application process and some quick information.

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09 May 2022

Distinguished Professors

Distinguished instructors provide courses of experise. Apply now!

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03 May 2022

Departmental Seminar 06-05-22

Dissecting Climate Risks: Are they Reflected in Stock Prices?

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03 May 2022

TIME Excellence Lecture

Tuesday the 10-05-22 at 13:00, Phoebe Li, Sussex Law School: “Intellectual property duties and innovation".

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12 April 2022

Departmental Seminar 13-04-22

Constantinou Anthony, Queen Mary University of London: The benefits and challenges of causal machine learning

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08 April 2022

TIME-Excellence-Lecture Jocelyn Bosse, King's College London

"Claiming the Kakadu Plum: Trademark law and indigenous rights to plants". Tuesday the 12th of April@13:00 Athens Time

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28 March 2022

TIME Excellence Lecture by Guido Cozzi

Tue. 29th of March@13:00 Athens time. Guido Cozzi, University of St. Gallen. “Shall we fear a patent waiver? Not for Covid-19"

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09 March 2022

TIME Excellence Lecture by Emeric Henry

15-03-22 Emeric Henry, Sciences Po and CEPR, “From public to private: magnitude and channels of R&D spillovers".

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