A cookie is a small piece of text information that is sent to your computer and stored on the hard drive. Cookies allow the organisation to recognise you. There are two types of cookie: 1. session cookies last until you leave the site, and 2. persistent cookies remain on your computer for much longer (how long depends on the specific cookie).

We use Google Analytics cookies and WebTrends cookies to help us analyse how our website is working and make it better. We use login cookies so that when you log in to restricted areas we can remember your details next time you visit. 

Google Analytics cookies

Some of our websites use a program called Google Analytics, which stores a persistent cookie on your hard drive. Google uses the cookie to collect information about your use of our website (including your IP address), and stores the information on servers in the United States. We use the information to: 1. evaluate how you use our website, and 2. compile reports for our website operators. Google may transfer this information to third parties if required to do so by law, or if the third parties process the information on Google's behalf. Google won't associate your IP address with any other data it holds.

WebTrends cookies

We store a persistent cookie on your machine to improve the accuracy of a statistical program called WebTrends. The programme builds up a profile of your website usage. We use the information to:  1. establish the common surfing patterns of our users, and 2. maintain and enhance the service we provide. WebTrends cookies don't contain any personal information.

Login cookies

When you log into a restricted area, we may set a persistent cookie on your PC to remember your login details. This means you won't have to log in again next time you visit. If you reject this cookie you can still use the site, but you'll have to provide all the login information each time you visit. Portal works using session-based cookies. If you reject these, you won't be able to use it. 

You can reject cookies, but this can mean that some areas of the website won't work properly. Discover how to manage, disable and delete cookies at All About Cookies


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